About Voodoo

(1999-2021 and onward)

The show was created in the chaotic confines of the basement at the Komedia in Brighton in 1999 where it spent ten years as a resident company. Since then it has developed a reputation for extraordinary performances producing hundreds of exciting circus, spectacular shows and  twisted cabarets for 20 years.  Firmly rooted in Weimar cabaret, musical hall, variety circus and dance the show, over the years, has welcomed a host of performers, many of whom have gone onto create successful careers and shows of their own.  There has been a theme of innovation, an emphasis on the joy of performance whatever its’ form and the determination to break the rules and offend if necessary! It embraces mischief, passion, performance and talent. Performers come and go;  musicians, singers, burlesquers, dancers, aerialists, comedians, clowns and puppets all appear and vanish back into the dark backstage but the spirit and light of Voodoo  Vaudeville lives on, as long as there’s an audience there will be voodoo magic conjured up by the masters of dark cabaret.  Over the years, (under the direction of founder and artistic director Chris Cresswell ), the Voodoo crew has become a legendary and renowned internationally touring company, performing shows around the world (including sell-out out shows at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Brighton) with themes taken from everything from Berlin Cabaret to Mardi Gras.

The concept of the show,

the original dark and twisted cabaret!

Mixing the ethos of old style Berlin cabaret with English theatrical flair this extraordinary show is a defiant concoction of twisted cabaret, character comedy, deviant dance and bizarre cinematography. 

Hosted by a sardonic conferencier, the cast of dancers, musicians, comic performers and ethereal puppets will entrance, entertain and enrapture an audience with their vaudevillian versatility.

Dances from the dark side, subversive songs, tragic pop operas, sinister mime artists, darkly comic characters, uncomfortable questions from mutant puppets and inspired improvisation all underpinned by the music of your dreams makes for a show that has something for everybody. Variety just rose from the grave!

What the press have said…

“It has to be said – others play at vaudeville, but Voodoo Vaudeville play harder. This is the genuine article” – Total Theatre

A cool, cabaret night of slightly surreal, brilliantly bizarre and macabre mix of circus-style, theatrical and music hall treats. Wickedly Phantastic” The Latest

 “fusing music and performance art..bizarre theatrical and erotic  The Guardian

“Cleverly crafted …exotic, erotic, comical and spiritual” – The Argus

 “Comically gothic mind-warped comedy” METRO

“Rob Zombie via Victorian Music Hall..Strangely Brilliant” Three Weeks

Some of our past guest artistes, collaborators, choreographers and variety acts

Blasts from the Past